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SwiftCloud lets you receive sales orders from your customers via a mobile app. Connecting Suppliers and Customers onto a single platform

SwiftCloud allows you to target customers with promotions and enhances the way you sell. Giving you a competitive edge over other suppliers and distributors and reducing admin time/errors.

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Are you a Supplier or a Customer?

An Independent shop (customer) places an order to different suppliers on the SwiftCloud App using their smartphones.

Each customer orders different products from a range of suppliers using a single platform. The SwiftCloud App shows the customer stock levels and pricing set by the supplier. Each supplier sends their customers targeted promotions using the supplier platform.

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The supplier dashboard, viewed on a Desktop or Tablet, gives you full access to sales analysis tools, showing customers ordering in real time. With no upfront investment and a saving of up to 80% on customer service costs. SwiftCloud is also completely free for your customers to download and use the app.

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