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Why businesses should be embracing a digital future more than ever

0 Comments Embracing a digital future  If SMEs want to be more productive and stay relevant in an increasingly digital world – more work needs to be done. Small businesses are the mainstay of the British economy. Of the nearly 5.7 million businesses in the UK, over...

B2B Mobile Apps | Market Insights and Trends 2019

0 Comments B2B Market Trends 2019 So, what's driving the B2B customer in 2019?   1) Personalisation is driving sales and loyalty 70% of businesses said they were improving client experience because customers expect more personalisation. Brands have always...

B2B & the power of push notifications

0 Comments Marketing with push notifications Mobile marketing is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of any company’s overall sales and marketing strategy. We reach our customers by sending emails, beautifully and tactfully optimised ready to rise to the call of...