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Benefits & Features

So, how does it work for your customers and you? The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App gives your customer 24/7 access to you. Without calling you, they can take advantage of the following benefits:

Bar-code Scanning

Bar-code-scan orders where ever they are in their premises. Fast, simple ordering.

Order 24/7

Your customers will be able to place orders whenever, and where ever they like.

Favourites and History

Use favourites, history and shopping lists to build orders quickly

Shopping List Building

Compile their shopping list throughout the day, sending it when complete.

Complex Order Configuration

Request lines even with configurable options and features

Offers and Promotions

Gain loyalty by allowing your customers to take up the latest offers and promotions.


Your customers will have access to SwiftChat, allowing them to not only contact you, but to receive promotions any time!

Check up-to-date stock availability and delivery dates, even for made-to-order lines or click-and-collect

In addition, it is so easy to –

  • Get their personal terms, prices and total order value
  • Utilise message broadcasting, either individually or as part of a customer group
  • View technical and product information by product-line – with product videos on the way!
  • Receive pdf copies of the order by e-mail
  • Check your product catalogue to find product code and whether stocked or not
  • Have the orders synced to their desktop
  • Send queries via SwiftChat, the personal chatline to keep in touch
  • Access their trading account – coming Q2
  • Enhance your mutual trading and customer relationship and experience

So, How Does It Work For You?

The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App gives your customer 24/7 access to you. You can rest assured, knowing that you can:

Enhance your mutual trading and customer service and relationships
Cut the number of incoming phone-calls querying basic information
Bring down the error rate when keying-in orders
Enable your sales and tele-sales teams to focus on more profitable tasks
Reduce the number of returns and consequent breakages or losses
Become the preferred supplier owing to simplicity and accuracy of usage
Benefit from round-the-clock access to your trading information
Alert customers at once to special deals and promotions geared to them
Provide the SwiftCloud mobile app free to all your customers
Maintain your brand and company name at the forefront of your customer mobile
Provide customer and order information to your sales managers on their SwiftCloud mobile app – and they can order on the go too!

Simply A Touch Away!

Save up to 80% of customer service costs
Increase customer retention and satisfaction
Avoid investing in additional web-ordering or sales manager software
Enable comprehensive sales reporting for Sales & Marketing Management