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Bako North Western Case Study

About Bako North Western

Bako North Western is a £100m turnover nationwide distributor to the food industry, focusing primarily on the baking sector. They deploy an extensive temperature-controlled fleet, delivering from multiple advanced warehouses around the country.

Looking for a Solution

When Bako North Western was looking to introduce a mobile app to enable customers to order 24/7 on the go, they concluded that SwiftCloud had the answer.  In discussion with James Clarkson, a director of Adventoris, the brand-owners of SwiftCloud, it quickly became evident that the ground-breaking innovation of this simple-to-use app, with its custom-designed ordering and product information system, could provide everything that Bako North Western were looking for.

“With the use of mobile apps now overtaking PC use in people’s lives, we were confident that we had the right answer for Bako North Western’s needs.  We worked closely with them to understand their requirements and then systematically guided them through the setup and integration process.   After receiving the initial client data on the Thursday, we were able to demonstrate a fully-personalised branded app to the management team of Bako North Western on the following Monday.  The fully-functioning app was then available in the app store less than one month from receipt of the final client data.”  (James Clarkson)


The SwiftCloud Approach

While enabling simple touch ordering along with ready access to highlighted promotions, the Bako North Western app also assists customers by providing product and technical information on easy access pdf text-sheets. This is a vital tool in an industry where nutrient and allergen advice is of paramount importance.  The app confidently manages order placement with products that have a variety of lead and cut-off times, including special order lines, with relative ease.

“We are very pleased with the capability of this e-commerce app,” states Brendan McGrath, IT Manager of Bako North Western.  “We decided to adopt SwiftCloud owing to what it offered our customers by way of improving our services to them.  It has good enhancements, offers ease of contact and ordering from the customer perspective, and was simple to access at the back-end from the Bako North Western perspective.  SwiftCloud has a very responsive team, which all helps our mutual aims.  We continue to find that what was promised at the outset continues to be delivered!”

SwiftCloud Success

Since Bako’s initial trial in early 2017, sales turnover via the app is up month-on-month by 36% compound. There has been an 80% compound growth in customers engaging with the app and 26% growth in the number of sales orders placed.

“Despite the successes in this traditional industry, we know we still have some way to go to get all our customers using the app,“ asserts Brendan.  “But, I am certain that it is only a matter of time and that usage will continue to increase as familiarity amongst our customers inspires additional confidence.”