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Jack Pennington Case Study

About Jack Pennington

Jack Pennington is a premier wholesale distributor of electrical & mechanical accessories, fasteners and fixings, and tooling.  Operating out of its Shipley and Bedford logistics centres, it delivers nationwide to the building services industry.

Looking for a Solution

Although they had a transactional website, it was not able to handle the complex pricing for their account customers.  Therefore, they were not able to offer their accounts a method of placing orders online. The proposition from SwiftCloud seemed to match just what they were looking for, as a fast, low-risk route to give their customers the opportunity to view the range, current stock availability and their specific pricing, as well as to place orders.

The SwiftCloud App enabled us to give our customers a catalogue in their pocket!  With many of them working on construction sites, having mobile access to our products and the availability of the items was seen as a huge benefit,” says Simon Mettrick, Operations Director, Jack Pennington. “Since then, SwiftCloud has exceeded our expectations.”


The SwiftCloud Approach

“From the initial consultation, throughout the implementation, and during our day-to-day dealing, I’ve always found the responsiveness, knowledge and willingness to help from SwiftCloud to be second to none. If things do go wrong, which they do but rarely, they are always there with a solution and are happy to contact the actual user, if there’s a need.”

The functionality of SwiftCloud has also been a boon to Simon.

“It has pretty much matched what we were looking for.  It was easily able to handle the complex pricing we have for our customers, while the ability to get our data onto the SwiftCloud platform was provided pain-free. Adding technical information sheets to products allowed us to provide the customers with the much more detailed information they required for some of our products. If we had a query or a suggestion for an improvement, we always received a speedy reply from SwiftCloud, with the information we needed. Although the product is not suitable for all our customers, we now have a significant number using the mobile and desktop app, with very positive feedback. We are continuing to push the use of the app, with it now being adopted by some of our largest customers,” Simon adds.

SwiftCloud Flexibility

“It’s quick and easy to use, all designed to provide prices, view stock availability and place orders without lots of distractions from adverts and banners.  Storing products in Shopping List allows easy access to the popular products that are stored in categories the customer understands. It’s a working tool.”

Over 10% of Jack Pennington’s orders now arrive via the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, with the corresponding reduction in input time and errors. They firmly believe they win more business out of the customer using the system as the vast majority of customers using the app have sales that are significantly up year on year.  In fact, they are experiencing 15% compound growth in orders year-on-year.

However, the last word must go to Simon.

“We are extremely pleased with the implementation of SwiftCloud.  It is now an integral part of our offering to customers, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from our competition.”