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RH Amar

About R H Amar

RH Amar is one of the UK’s leading fine food importers and distributors who work with some of the UK’s best-loved brands and offer a full suite of services from sales and marketing, consumer and category research, and logistics and IT solutions.

Looking for a Solution


When RH Amar set out to incorporate a mobile app into their existing sales and marketing mix, the overall objective was to integrate an internal sales tool which enabled their sales team to capture orders in the field, whilst also conducting up to the minute stock checks and pricing enquiries. Flexibility and mobility were two of their key requirements, which the SwiftCloud App was able to deliver.

“We needed something with a quick turn around time, that would immediately have a great impact on the business and significantly improve our field sales managers ordering processes”


The SwiftCloud Approach

Adventoris was able to integrate RH Amar product data into the SwiftCloud Sales App effortlessly. Directly linking with their existing ERP system, the App has now enabled the companies’ sales managers to connect directly with the office 24/7, saving time, money and avoiding those costly human errors.

John Lilleystone, IT Manager at RH Amar stated that “Our sales managers can now take orders in the field and transmit them back to the office where they are automatically imported with no re-keying” and furthermore,     “From the sales managers perspective it’s light years ahead of what they had before, SwiftCloud has been a huge step forward for us”.

SwiftCloud Success

RH Amar are incredibly pleased with their custom App, and although at this stage they are only using the internal sales team tool, RH Amar are happy to work with SwiftCloud regarding any further app developments or requirements in the future.

“We’re really pleased with the product and would recommend it. The SwiftCloud team are very knowledgeable, always polite and consistently responded quickly to queries or questions”.