How does the free trial work?

The SwiftCloud 30-day free trial is a full featured version of the software.  It gives you the chance to fully test drive the software with your customers including accepting live transactions from them. As it’s completely risk free you really have nothing to lose. There is nothing to install. If you would like to begin a trial with us, give us a call on 03333 447 557.

Is there a contract or subscription cost?

No. We don’t have any long term contracts or subscription costs therefore no risk attached. You simply pay each time your customer completes one basket transaction using SwiftCloud. This doesn’t matter if it’s a total basket value of £250 or £2000. It will still cost just 99p!

Why do we offer this guarantee?

Because we are that confident in our product. We know that word of mouth is the best way to spread the word about any product, and we want you to be so satisfied that you tell your business colleagues about us.

What are the different packages on SwiftCloud?

There aren’t any. We don’t differentiate our product and service therefore keeping our price as low as possible and standard for all. To discuss this further give us a call on 03333 447 557.

Why is SwiftCloud so cheap?

We don’t want to overcharge you and believe that 99p per transaction is a great way to get all your customers and suppliers trading with each other. Our research shows companies can save up to 80% on customer service costs by using SwiftCloud.

I want to send an invite out to my customer base to join SwiftCloud, how do I do this?

Sign Up and from the main menu select Send Invite. SwiftCloud will automatically start sending emails to all of your selected customers inviting them onto the platform.

What does “maximum value of 99p per order” mean and who pays it?

The 99p per order is the fee SwiftCloud charge to the supplier. This is the total basket value per order made by a customer, not per item. The maximum value of 99p per transaction refers to anything above £250 of the overall basket total, you will never pay over the 99p price. Anything below that would be charged at a percentage rate. See example on the Pricing page.

My logo doesn’t look right. What size does my logo need to be?

Ideally your logo needs to be 250×250 pixels in a jpeg format.