How it works

Your customer uses the SwiftCloud App to search through your product range and check stock availability, pricing and delivery dates. Customers can scan your products using the barcode or QR code and add them into their basket.
Once your customer submits their order through the App you receive it instantly on the SwiftCloud platform. You can then import the sales orders into your business operating system (ERP) in an instant, then simply process the orders and ship the goods in the normal way.
As your SwiftCloud network grows and more customers join, more of your orders can be processed in this way.

Main Supplier Features of SwiftCloud

  • Straightforward, simple pricing based on transactional value
  • Real time orders displayed on the sales reporting tool
  • Individually targeted promotions and special offers to your customer base
  • Automatic, seamless export to your backend engine
  • 24-hour a day ordering, your business will never close
  • Ability to associate different configurations to products ie sizes, style, colours
  • Collate customer feedback via SwiftChat to improve customer retention
  • Message broadcasting, to individual customers or customer groups
  • Free SwiftCloud support and no additional cost for unlimited user licenses

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Main Supplier Benefits of SwiftCloud

  • Increase overall revenue growth by the addition of a simpler ordering channel
  • Remove manual data entry and avoid order processing errors
  • Save up to 80% of customer service costs or redeploy order processing resources to sales generation
  • Option to show customers live stock figures
  • Sales Analysis tool, showing orders being received
  • Send targeted promotions to entire customer base
  • Increase order frequency with smaller accounts
  • No purchase cost and no ongoing service or license fees
  • No expensive software to download, complete cloud service

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