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Sales Team Tablet Application

So, how does it work for your customers and you?

The SwiftCloud™ Tablet Sales App

The SwiftCloud™ B2B mobile App solution for the field sales team. Integrate the SwiftCloud app sales tool to enable your sales team to capture orders in the field, whilst also conducting up to the minute stock checks and pricing enquiries ensuring flexibility and mobility at all times.

Flick Between Multiple Accounts 

With your own branded ordering app powered by SwiftCloud™, your field sales team will benefit from the ability to switch between user accounts effortlessly, no need for bulky laptops or sifting through papers. Utilising the multi-account feature, each individual customer account has the option to set bespoke pricing to ensure your customers are getting the correct offers.


  Built Around You…

  • Pricing Override Function

    With the SwiftCloud™ pricing override function, you will have the option to allow your field sales managers to adjust product pricing out in the field. Create special offers and discounts right then and there with your customers. The SwiftCloud™ B2B transactional platform directly links orders with your existing ERP system, dramatically reducing costly human error.
  • Note Recording

    Build, edit and save customer notes at the touch of a button with the SwiftCloud™ note taking function. Having hand-held access to customer details out in the field will allow your sales managers to create and review detailed customer information on the go, helping build and maintain those key long-term relationships.

Complete Communication…

Office Communication

For the field sales team, ensuring consistent communication can often be a difficult and laborious task. With the SwiftCloud™ B2B mobile app solution your field sales managers will be able to instantly send and receive information to and from the office with ease, 24/7. Without the need for emails, bulky laptops and distracting phone calls, your sales team can now quickly and efficiently contact the office for sales support, and in turn send orders directly to the office at the touch of a button.


  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Sales Analysis Tool
  • With the SwiftCloud™ sales reporting function, your field sales managers will be able to immediately access customer reports including details such as order history and customer credit usage and allowance. The SwiftCloud™ custom built B2B app is available with both Apple and Android and is usable across all tablet and smartphone devices.

Web Ordering

The SwiftCloud web ordering solution.

Mobile App

The SwiftCloud mobile app platform.

Sales Team Tablet

The SwiftCloud sales app module.

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