Once you have registered as a Supplier, you can begin to connect with your customers and start receiving orders directly from them.

SwiftCloud lets you receive sales orders from your customers via a mobile app, connecting Suppliers and Customers via a single platform. In doing so the process of receiving orders is streamlined from inefficient methods such as phone, fax and email then manual rekeying to a low cost automated system.

SwiftCloud allows you to target customers with unique promotions on a customer specific level giving you a competitive edge over other suppliers and distributors.

Supplier Features

Receive your sales orders from your customers on one single platform, send promotions and special offers direct to your customers.  

The online supplier dashboard gives you full access to sales analysis, showing real time ordering. With no upfront investment, SwiftCloud could save you up to 80% on customer service costs whilst growing your top line sales and bottom line profits.
– Receive all of your orders electronically
– 24-hours a day ordering, your business will never close
– Send promotions and special offers to your customers base
– Ability to assign optional add-ons to different products
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Watch the full system demo of SwiftCloud


View the 10-minute system demo with James Clarkson, CEO of Adventoris, the creators of SwiftCloud. Discover how the SwiftCloud platform is simply setup and maintained. In just a few easy steps you will be up and running and inviting your customers to this new to marketing system that will revolutionise the way you do business.


Click here for more information on how SwiftCloud could benefit you.