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What Is SwiftCloud?

What is SwiftCloud?

SwiftCloud is a B2B Mobile App originally developed as a convenient and portable transactional ordering platform for busy customers of manufacturers and distributors. However, it is becoming much more than that and heralds the next generation of customer relationship management.


Why Buy SwiftCloud?


Why not? You cannot afford not to do so.

Apps are the way forward! And SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is the market-leading app to help you do it!

  • App users buy 3 times more than mobile web users
  • Over 70% of buyers want to see stock availability before placing orders. Why are your customers any different?
  • App conversion rates are 120% higher than on mobile web-site – apps are so much easier to access and use.
  • Apps deliver 2.5 times higher retention rates than mobile web-sites – convenience and reliability generate customer loyalty
  • 97% of Push Notifications are read, compared with just 4% for email. Drive top-line sales with powerful, tailored promotions and special offers
  • 64% of smartphone owners are now using apps to shop online – someone else’s consumer is your customer
  • 50m apps are downloaded every day for iPhone and Android devices – your customer is doing this with other businesses
  • App users interact 2.8 times more than mobile web-users – so you can always be seen, poised to assist your customer at all times
81% of smartphone users search for apps for the businesses they use frequently – if yours is not there, they can’t download you
Customers on average look at their mobile phones 150 times per day – they could be looking at you and your branded app

A custom-built app for you from SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is Simply a Touch Away!

- Simon Mettrick -

Operations Director - Jack Pennington LTD

We are extremely pleased with the implementation of SwiftCloud. It is now an integral part of our offering to customers, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

- Ivan Durkin -

Managing Director - STL

STL management felt that Swift Cloud was a well-designed product and that we could work with James and his guys going forward. The app is good-looking, very clear and readable. It’s efficient to use and easy to navigate around. It is a good solid business tool that can be used to grow order intake.

- Dave Jones -

Director - Jones Food Solutions

A customer who changed to SwiftCloud, whose order would have taken Telesales 15/20 minutes to process over the phone, now takes just 20 seconds to allocate in the warehouse for picking. That represents a minimum time and cost-saving of over 95%!

- Andy Johnson -

Managing Director - LEW

We were looking to provide our B2B customers with a digital ordering platform/service, SwiftCloud offered this to us with almost immediate effect, without the huge upfront costs and loss of time that building our own app would have incurred. They have met those aims in every respect.

- James Jones -

Sales & Marketing Support Manager - Libra Drinks

The SwiftCloud developers are always happy to create new features and functionality to meet our bespoke requirement, and almost everything requested is possible. Within around 30 minutes of my call, I had received a report from SwiftCloud showing only those who had logged in, but not ordered, who were trading customers. The report had been added to our available reports in the reporting suite before the end of the day, the same day

- Brendan McGrath -

IT Manager - Bako North Western

We are very pleased with the capability of this e-commerce app. We decided to adopt SwiftCloud owing to what it offered our customers by way of improving our services to them. It has good enhancements, offers ease of contact and ordering from the customer perspective, and was simple to access at the back-end from the Bako North Western perspective. SwiftCloud has a very responsive team, which all helps our mutual aims. We continue to find that what was promised at the outset continues to be delivered!

- Andy Weaver -

Operations & IT Manager - Rolf C. Hagen

Customers like the flexibility of being able to order on any device and at any time. They also particularly like that they can reference products by search and image. It is also very easy to use. Some customers say that the app saves them around 50% of the time it used to take to order. And, so successful is it, that around 50% of our customer base is now using it to great effect. I have always found the team at SwiftCloud to be very informative and knowledgeable about their system, They are also very flexible and will look to find a solution to an issue very quickly.

There’s More on Offer …

Whilst our ground-breaking SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is the key to your success, we offer additional modules to make you even more e-commerce-capable for your customers and sales teams. Your customers can order from the web, and your sales managers on the move from their tablets!

On The Web

  • Insert a log-in button on your existing web-site with SwiftCloud Web Module, which opens a fully-branded e-commerce portal that looks just like your own web-site.
  • SwiftCloud Web Module provides your own URL that looks and feels just like your existing website.
  • Having full integration with their mobile, SwiftCloud Web Module lets your customer begin an order on the desktop, only later to pick up their mobile when walking round the warehouse or stock-room, and then adding further items to the basket before submitting it, or vice versa. Utter Convenience!


On The Sales Manager App

Sales managers can move between customer accounts with the SwiftCloud Sales Manager App, seeing customer-specific pricing, discounts, history, special offers, etc.
With the SwiftCloud Sales Manager App, they can negotiate special price deals, there and then, with the customer.

They can record meeting notes and reportable meeting outcomes direct on to the SwiftCloud Sales Manager App.
Sales managers can e-mail notes direct to Customer Service to address any items they need to, from SwiftCloud Sales Manager App.

They can on-board customers on to the SwiftCloud Sales Manager App mobile/web ordering processes and then walk them through their first order. Once they have tried it, there will be no going back!
Each sales manager can generate their own sales report for all orders placed by them on SwiftCloud Sales Manager App, and their manager can too!

And customer account statistics can be reviewed on SwiftCloud Sales Manager App as well.
Custom-built modules for you from SwiftCloud are Simply a Touch Away!

Get the market-leading B2B Mobile Apps and Support Modules from SwiftCloud. SwiftCloud is the unique sales relationship platform on an app. Help your customer. Help yourselves.


Why buy it? Why not? You cannot afford not to do so.