9 Steps to kickstart your B2B ecommerce plan

blog | Jan 30, 2023

Have a clear mission

Before your business implements B2B ecommerce you must be clear of what you as a business want to get out of the transformation. There is no one size fits all solution, it will be different for each business based on how and why it operates. Ensure that your transformation will match the priorities and implement solutions which will benefit your business.

Set goals and objectives for your ecommerce

Once you know what you want to achieve out of the digital transformation of your business, you need to set quantifiable goals and objectives. Whether it to be an increase in new customers or a decrease in overheads, these targets will give your business something to strive for and work towards. They also serve as measurements of success, increasingly useful for reviewing and assessing the overall transformation.

Invest in people who believe in digital transformation

One integral part of ensuring success within a digital transformation is having a workforce which believes in innovation and the power of technology. Having people within your business who not only understand the importance of digital transformation but actively believe in the solutions will make a huge difference to the process. They will be affective in not just the implementation but the roll out and ongoing developments of the digital solutions you put in place.

Help with onboarding both staff and customers

Although it is important to invest in those familiar with digital transformation, there will be both staff and customers who will be unfamiliar. It is important to ensure that everyone involved in your business is on the same page in their understanding. Having introductory training sessions, informative materials and a good level of communication will ensure that both staff and customers are not left uninformed and confused with the introduction of technology.

Digitalise internal processes and tools

Digitalising internal processes is a key step in terms of the digital transformation of your business. It ensures that internal processes such as payroll, HR and general communication are more efficient, accessible and user friendly. Once the internal processes are digitised, your attention can then be switched to external processes.

Harness analytics

One of the most beneficial aspects of digital transformation if having a better overview and quality of data. The important thing is to harness the data and make use of it, to ensure that your business practices are as effective as possible. By reviewing the data you can see what’s working well for your business and what needs reviewing.

Implement ecommerce

One of the most important steps in digital transformation is allowing your customers an opportunity to buy products online through the introduction of ecommerce. The modern-day consumer is heavily expectant on being able to place transactional orders online, by offering ecommerce your business will not only retain customers but also attract new ones.

Introduce an efficient customer journey

A large reason behind digital transformation is enhancing the customer journey. Making their experience a more well-rounded and more efficient one. This can be done in many ways, including storing customer data such as previous orders, emailing receipts and having chatbots. An improved customer journey will result in an increase in repeat orders and customer satisfaction.


One thing which is incredibly important when introducing technology to your business is reliability. For both your staff and customers, it is essential that your launch is as seamless as possible. If the technology is unreliable, then it will result in your stakeholder’s losing faith in the transformation which would be detrimental to the entire process. This means that it is imperative to ensure that everything is up to scratch and working flawlessly prior to the roll out.

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