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Selling via SwiftCloud
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SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is the market-leading, ground-breaking app that enables your customers to access key information from, and trade with, your company at all times of the day or night, wherever they are and whenever it suits them.  With the #1 app for wholesalers, your customers can access vital information to help that sale, just like speaking with someone from your company, but without bothering them or getting them out of bed!

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App – Simply a Touch Away!

Selling Via SwiftCloud


SwiftCloud couldn’t be simpler!

Once we have connected and validated your back-end data feed to our dedicated servers assigned just to you, you connect with your customers via the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App and start receiving orders directly from them.  Our clients are impressed at how quick this start-up can be.
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You can provide handy range catalogues, product and technical information on PDF’s, individual pricing and terms, stock availability, delivery dates, and so much more to your customer via SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App.

All to help them run their business the way they want to run it – and all personalised with your logo, branding and colours so they remember who to thank.

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“Since launching the app in 2016, we have seen online sales grow by 7 fold over the previous web ordering platform


  Peter Dennis | Philip Dennis Foodservice

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App helps you to target customers with unique promotions by segment – or even by customer. 
Giving you that significant competitive edge over your competition.

The process of receiving orders is streamlined from inefficient methods such as phone, fax and email, then manual re-keying, to a low-cost automated system via SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. All allowing you to make cost savings or reallocation of resources to more profitable tasks.

Push notifications are guaranteed to get through, and the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App allows you maximum coverage when it comes to talking with your customers. Push Notifications stand a 25 times greater chance of being read than e-mails!

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The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App takes customer relationships and the customer experience up several notches, enabling your customer to be in contact with you when and where it suits them, taking the stress out of contact with you, and allowing them to take charge of their time
Simply a Touch Away!
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