ERP Integration

SwiftCloud integrates with almost all business systems. Real-time integration of the SwiftCloud Platform with your existing ERP system allows your customers immediate access to up-to-date product pricing and details along with 24/7 ordering, while you receive orders seamlessly into your sales ordering system.
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Real-time Seamless Integration
SwiftCloud is a trusted sales ordering platform with many customer relationship features, integrating seamlessly with your existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
The experienced SwiftCloud implementation team will walk you through your onboarding step-by-step, operating with honesty and integrity. Our team will always go the extra mile to make it as easy for you as possible.

SwiftCloud is an extremely versatile and stable sales platform and can be configured to meet your special requirements

Privacy and Security
We take privacy and security incredibly seriously, so rest assured your confidential information is safe and separate, with your security as our top priority. Your data is held securely with the latest encryption on our own private servers, not on a public cloud. SwiftCloud is a trusted, tried and tested system employed by some of the biggest wholesalers, suppliers, and manufacturing firms in the UK and beyond.

Some of the ERPs we integrate with:

SwiftCloud Modules
SwiftCloud offer additional modules to make you even more e-commerce-capable for your customers and sales teams. As well as the SwiftCloud Apps, customers can order from the web via the SwiftCloud Web Portal, which can be quickly accessed from a button added to your existing website. Your sales managers can also place orders on the move via the Sales Manager App which gives your fleet the tools to offer an exceptional customer ordering service. Your telesales team can also process orders on a fast ordering entry screen via a web ordering module. SwiftCloud can also import and automatically process purchase orders received as email attachments, such as PDFs, utilising the latest optical character recognition software. Each of the SwiftCloud modules integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP system.


We work with some of the best in platform technology:

Technical information

  • State-of-the-art hardware and software.
  • State-of-the-art technology powered by Oracle.
  • Multi-site and diverse infrastructure hosted in state-of-the-art N+1 data-centres with UKFast and Sungard.
  • Data is held securely on our own private servers and not on a public cloud. Your confidential information is therefore safe and separate.
  • Firewalled behind Cisco equipment, capable of 250,000 transactions per second.
  • Architecture of Linux-based Operating System.
  • Separate development environment.

How SwiftCloud Integrates:

  • SwiftCloud regularly receives a feed of customer and product master data, then simply mirrors that data on the SwiftCloud private servers.
  • There is no need to upload and maintain data manually on SwiftCloud. By maintaining data on your ERP system, all up-to-date information will be extracted and reflected on SwiftCloud
  • SwiftCloud can deal with various data file formats, such as CSV, XML and text files.
  • Web Services, if published, can be utilised to extract master data directly from ERP databases.
  • SwiftCloud servers handle the web queries as customers browse and order products, thereby not affecting the performance of your back-end systems.
  • When an order is submitted, SwiftCloud generates an order file to the specification required for import by your ERP.
  • The sales orders can be transmitted to your ERP for import in a variety of methods, such as webservices, SFTP and FTP.

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