How Mobile Applications Are Revolutionising the B2B Wholesale Sector

blog | May 4, 2018

It’s a no surprise that the tap revolution driven by mobile applications has finally made into the great beyond that is the B2B wholesale sales and marketing sector.

B2B wholesale companies are no different from any other segment, especially when it comes to the need for investing in technology to make things more efficient, and with the right plan and products in place, also hope to save a little money in the process.

Investing in mobile applications is allowing businesses to make the B2B user experience both compatible and flexible to meet with the needs of their business processes, all the while replacing several pieces of clunky tech with a single smartphone or tablet.

Convenient, reliable, and fast becoming an intrinsic tool for any business to create and manage bespoke B2B user experiences.

So, what can businesses expect to benefit from implementing a custom B2B wholesale app in 2018?

1. Speed is everything

It’s nothing new that all of today's consumers want, rather, need their goods to arrive in good time. Those lightning-fast apps that the B2C consumer have been soaking up for too long are starting to migrate into B2B processes.
Placing orders in the workplace has always been a humdrum, time-consuming activity, especially when having to pull yourself away from that busy, ever-moving working floor - incorporating handheld ordering to the B2B mix seems like a match made in heaven.

2. Streamlining the process

It’s (almost) a fact – everyone has a smartphone these days (37 million in the UK, BBC 2018), and what don’t they have? – time & resources.
For years the B2B sales process has been a mess of calls, emails and ‘fag-packet’ orders. With the use of mobile applications, businesses are now connecting themselves with each individual customer and supplier in their network producing a symphony of optimum organization, no papers, no 4 am phone calls, no mistakes.

3. Customisation

Where most generic websites fail in B2B appears to be the mobile apps greatest triumph.
Different regions, different quantities, different clients – B2B has been crying out for up-to-the-minute customized ordering platforms. With mobile apps, businesses are now creating bespoke ordering systems tailored to each individual customers’ needs and wants, in turn generating a simple and swift ordering system.

4. Push notifications

Push notifications are the pop-up messages or reminders shown on mobile devices via apps.
Most people are now checking their phones more than their computers on any given day - giving way for push notifications to quickly become one of the most powerful marketing & sales tools to date.
Push notifications are now being adapted by B2B wholesale businesses looking to harness the potential of mobile, with reminders, planners, updates and even product promotions and offers allowing companies to speak directly to a user, bypassing spam filters, and not getting lost in an inbox.

5. Micro-Interactions

In a nut shell, micro-interactions make tedious tasks bearable.
A Micro-interaction is described as “each individual task-like engagement a user has with their device, smooth enough to pass unnoticed as the user is performing his usual activities” (
Applications are now allowing corporate customers to swiftly perform a simple task by allowing micro-interactions at app level, creating simple shortcuts for the most frequently used sections, creating ease of purchase and solidifying brand loyalty.

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