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blog | May 1, 2018

Mobile ordering is the hottest new trend in wholesaling. Several STL clients have selected the SwiftCloud smartphone-based ordering app. to offer customers greater purchasing convenience.

man-with-handheld-device-300pxIn response, we have modified our software to work seamlessly with SwiftCloud, enabling your customer orders to flow directly into your sales order, warehouse and merchandise management systems.

SwiftCloud smartphone ordering app.

In response to increasing demand, STL has integrated its solutions seamlessly with the SwiftCloud smartphone ordering app.

SwiftCloud allows you to receive sales orders in real time from your customers via a mobile app.

Orders can be displayed on the in-built sales reporting tool. Alternatively, if you have a STL delivered solution, your customers’ orders can flow seamlessly and immediately to your back-end STL Sales Order Processing (SOP) system – which itself can also run on RF mobile picking devices for speedy fulfilment.

Further, SwiftCloud allows you to target customers with promotions and special offers to increase loyalty and intelligently manage stock.

It also enables you to broadcast messages to customers, and collate customer feedback via SwiftChat to improve customer retention.

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