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Buying via SwiftCloud | App for Trade Customers

The #1 App for Trade Customers | SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is the market-leading, ground-breaking app. The app that enables you, as your supplier’s customer, to access key information from, and trade with, your supplier at all times of the day or night. Furthermore, the shopping ability is with you wherever you are and whenever it suits you. You can access vital information to help your purchase or your business.

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App – Simply a Touch Away!

Take charge of your own time with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App.


It is available 24/7 to suit the needs of your business and your life.  Place orders when and where it suits you – in the workshop,  restaurant, or office.  

SwiftCloud Benefits and Features



  • Simply add quantities to the price list offered by your supplier, or, even simpler, scan the barcode or QR-code using SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App on your smartphone. It will total the order value for you, based on your terms and any special offers you are eligible for. Sync with your desktop basket, and send you a pdf copy by e-mail.  You can even compile during the day, and then send it all off at closing time
  • SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App takes even more stress out of ordering by giving you shopping basket, favourites and order history. So you can complete the job even faster, thus spending time on something you enjoy more.

Swift Ordering at your fingertips. 

  • Moreover, you can cut down on wasted time on the phone with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App too. Stock availability and delivery dates, even for complicated made-to-order lines. Also access product and technical information such as vital nutrient or allergen information for the catering trade or technical information for the electrical trade. Your own personal terms and prices, special offers and promotions, and much more, are there, at any time, just a fingertip away
  • You don’t have to be sat down at your PC, or even try to access your supplier’s web-site, with the easy-to-read-and-navigate SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. The app is personalised to your supplier and so is instantly accessible to you at all times.  Apps are so much easier to find and to use.  It’s no wonder more than 50 million apps are downloaded every day. By young and old alike!


The #1 App for Trade Customers

Apps are much easier and convenient to use. That is why more and more people are using apps every day. It’s no wonder that nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners are now shopping via apps. If you are not using them now, you soon will be, so make the future happen right away with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App.  Touch the app and you are right in, right away.  Simply a Touch Away!

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