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Jones Food Solutions
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About Jones Food Solutions

Based in Somerset, Jones Food Solutions are pre-eminent foodservice distributors of a full range of about 6,500 ambient, chilled and frozen products, as well as fruit & veg and fresh meat, to the South-West.  Their business relies on excellent stock-control, accurate order-taking and fast-moving distribution.

Looking for a Solution


“To be honest, at the outset, we were not looking for an online provider,” admits Dave Jones, Director for Jones Food Solutions.  “It was always one of those things we would get to, but really only if we came across anything of interest.” 


However, we were introduced to SwiftCloud by STL Technology Solutions as they wanted to offer their clients a professional provider. We readily agreed to become a test site for STL and SwiftCloud. To implement and install and test the system. Since then, SwiftCloud has exceeded our expectations”


In the past year, the value and number of orders has more than doubled. Furthermore,  the number of customers utilising the app has more than doubled too.


The SwiftCloud Approach

Dave Jones again.  “Mistakes have reduced as Telesales do not now have to process orders.  If there is a mistake, the mistake is made by the customer.

The time saved on customers’ sending their orders in by SwiftCloud has allowed us to use that saved time to sell products/promotions. As one example, a customer who changed to SwiftCloud, whose order would have taken Telesales 15/20 minutes to process over the phone, now takes just 20 seconds to allocate in the warehouse for picking.  That represents a minimum time and cost-saving of over 95%!”

“For us, that represents a minimum time and cost-saving of over 95%!”

Jones Food Solutions find that ease of use for both customers and themselves is one of the strongest features of SwiftCloud.  The inclusion of the shopping list; the ability to scan barcodes when ordering goods; seeing order history; the Help videos; and being able to see special offers easily, are all time-saving features that assist them in their relationship with their customers. All whilst saving their customers time and money. “They like having a confirmation of their order e-mailed back to them immediately, “asserts Dave Jones. 

SwiftCloud Simple Integration

Integrating a new system can sometimes be fraught with bugs and problems, but not in the experience of Dave Jones with SwiftCloud.

“Any new software can be problematic when bolting on to another system,” admits Dave Jones. “However, with SwiftCloud, it was a very easy process. Any changes/enhancements we asked for were dealt with quickly and efficiently. It was a very easy process and the team at SwiftCloud were great to work with when rolling out the project. The SwiftCloud team were happy to help train our sales team to understand the ease of use. Which also helps to make them feel comfortable when showing customers.  Key to its success is having your sales team feel happy about it and understanding all aspects when showing customers how good the system is. SwiftCloud is very professionally run and easy to deal with.”

But, whilst Dave Jones and his team at Jones Food Solutions are more than happy with SwiftCloud, there is more to learn to take them even further forward against their competitors.

“We have enjoyed working with SwiftCloud to install their app and would be happy to recommend their app to anyone. We have lots more to learn with the system as we are not using it to its full potential. SwiftCloud are always recommending things we are not using to make our system even better for our customers.  We look forward to even more profitable days ahead with them.”  (Dave Jones, Director, Jones Food Solutions)

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