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LEW Case Study

About LEW

Formed in 1993, LEW is a leading regional wholesaler of electrical equipment.  Their range includes: lighting, lamps & tubes: fire detection and lighting equipment; cable accessories and management; heating equipment; etc.  Their branches cover the East Midlands and Yorkshire. LEW supply to both the collect and the distributed trade.

Looking for a Solution

“When we approached SwiftCloud…“ recalls Andy Johnson, MD of LEW, “we were looking to provide our B2B customers with a digital ordering platform/service, and an app in particular, that would help future-proof our business for the next 5-10 years. SwiftCloud offered this to us with almost immediate effect. This was without the huge upfront costs and loss of time that building our own app would have incurred. They have met those aims in every respect.”

SwiftCloud provided LEW with a B2B platform with the ability to scale up with known costs. It was able to integrate LEW data into its system effortlessly, allowing the client to provide individualised customer pricing much needed in the electrical industry. And moreover, providing LEW with a USP to their online platform that many of their competitors could not offer.

“The SwiftCloud team are very helpful and we have a great relationship with them.”

The SwiftCloud Approach


“SwiftCloud provides great efficiencies across our business by giving our customers the ability to price up and place orders themselves, thereby automating the processing of orders,” says Kieran Johnson, LEW Digital Integration Manager. “The SwiftCloud team are very helpful. We have a great relationship with them.”

“SwiftCloud have responded very quickly when we have had specific requests from particular customers. They have also built bespoke solutions to complicated scenarios e.g. one of our accounts wanted to control who saw prices at a user level, so their guys in the office could see pricing, but their site operatives couldn’t. The SwiftCloud team sorted it.”

The customers of LEW have found the shopping lists feature to be of enormous value.

SwiftCloud Flexibility

“We are able to set up specific lists for each customer based on their preferred brands,” adds Kieran. “Allowing them when first starting out with the app to find their favourites easier from the large range of products offered by multiple manufacturers.  Furturemore, we are also able to set up specific kit lists for house-builds that allow customers to re-order standard lists over and over again – and quickly. One particular customer uses these each week, making it so much easier to order and saving him a lot of time!”

The ability to integrate the individual pricing for each customer has also proved very useful. Now, each customer is able to see what they pay for things quicker and easier. Equally, order history also allows customers, who do not have their own ordering systems, to easily track orders for particular jobs and identify what has been sent to which site.

And Finally, “Whilst it is a bit early for measuring against KPI’s owing to the setting up of individual pricing by customer,” summarises MD Andy Johnson, “what we can say is that we are seeing increased sales and an increase in trading accounts each month since the official launch of SwiftCloud. We are more than pleased with progress.”

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