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Libra Drinks Wholesale Case Study

About Libra Drinks Wholesale

Libra Drinks Wholesale operates as a wholesaler of wines, spirits, beers, ciders and snacks from its Nottingham base. It covers a large area of the East Midlands and delivers to the on-trade.

Looking for a Solution


“When we appointed SwiftCloud, we were aiming to free up telesales time to concentrate on more pro-active activities, rather than have them simply input incoming phone orders,” says James Jones, Sales & Marketing Support Manager at Libra Drinks. 


“Another benefit of using the SwiftCloud app was shifting the responsibility of order accuracy to our customers to minimise as much as possible the expense to Libra Drinks of having to correct order input/picking errors.  Finally, we were also looking to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible. Especially when it came to ways of placing their order. This was especially advantageous when comparing our competitors’ offer to their customers. We wanted to get ahead of the game and offer a range of online ordering options before competitors did.  We have certainly succeeded on all counts!”

The SwiftCloud Approach


 “SwiftCloud exceeded our expectations.”  

“Not only does the software conduct the basics of capturing a forward order very well and is a good tool for selling new products into customers, but it is also a great way of up-selling via the special offers section.” 


“The SwiftCloud developers are always happy to create new features and functionality to meet our bespoke requirements. And moreover, almost everything requested is possible, given time,” remarks James.  “I’ve never been made to feel that anything is too much trouble. For instance, the report showing which customers had logged into the app, but hadn’t yet placed orders, was showing customers from our CRM that were both active and closed accounts. Within around 30 minutes of my call, I had received a report from SwiftCloud. This showed those who had logged in, but not ordered, who were trading customers. The report had been added to our available reports in the reporting suite before the end of the day, the same day.”

SwiftCloud Success

There are further instances where such responsiveness has been forthcoming too, including amendments to functionality to accelerate ordering and information-finding processes.  But, James is also effusive about the way in which he can communicate with his customer-base.

“The reporting suite allows me to easily target specific customer types, as well as import and export large amounts of data like bar code numbers and missing product images.”

“And, most importantly, customers love it!  Not only are orders and customers increasing month-by-month, but feedback is highly positive too.”


James again.  “Customers love the simplicity and ease of use of SwiftCloud.  They love the speed at which they can place an order, while they can enjoy our whole catalogue of products with their own prices, just there, at their fingertips, on their smartphones.  Keeping the focus on customers and their needs pays dividends”

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