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Philip Dennis Foodservice Case Study

About Philip Dennis Foodservice

Philip Dennis Foodservice Ltd. is a food distributor, supplying customers in the Midlands, Oxfordshire and South West with a complete range of frozen, chilled and ambient foods together with fresh meat, fresh fish and non-foods.

Looking for a Solution


When Philip Dennis first set out to develop their app, the company wanted to offer its customers another avenue to shop with the flexibility to place orders other than via their telesales teams.

“Due to the hectic kitchen environment we needed a system where our customers had the ability to produce their shopping lists at their own leisure throughout the day and simply press a checkout button when done.”

The SwiftCloud Approach

“The chefs love the new ERUDUS feature which enables them to have allergy and dietary information with just one click of the mouse”

Working with SwiftCloud, Philip Dennis now have a personalised app and a system where customers can place their own order, at any time of day, utilising mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Philip Dennis customers also now have the ability to look at past orders and are able to print these out on PDF format.



“Since launching the app in 2016, we have seen online sales grow by 7 fold over the previous web ordering platform” – Peter Dennis

SwiftCloud and Erudus

“At Philip Dennis we are keen to be at the forefront of customer satisfaction. Making our ordering systems as seamless as possible is all part of our ethos regarding our quality customer experiences when placing orders online.
The SwiftCloud app helps us to ensure we are there for our customers as and when they need us.

Allowing our product allergen and nutrition information to be readily available at lightning speed is the icing on the cake. Erudus and SwiftCloud are certainly a winning combination for any foodservice company looking to give their customers a simple yet effective ordering experience”.

– Peter Dennis, Philip Dennis Food Services, 2018