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Rolf C Hagen Case Study

About Rolf C. Hagen

Rolf C. Hagen (UK) Ltd. is the UK’s arm of the world’s largest privately-owned, multi-national pet products manufacturer and distributor. It is engaged in the distribution and marketing of accessories and food products to the pet industry.

Looking for a Solution

“When we initially met with SwiftCloud,” states Andy Weaver, Operations & IT Manager at Rolf C. Hagen, “we were looking for an avenue for our customers to be able to place their own purchase orders, which would link directly with our order input system.”

“This would enable our customers to place regular orders for lines they list or consistently carry and allow our sales team to concentrate on introducing new lines/ provide training on existing lines. SwiftCloud fitted the bill exactly”

It would be fair to say that Andy did have his reservations at the outset, especially over getting the data aspect accurate. With their many customers, thousands of SKU’s and a complex and large pricing structure, the need to get it right from the outset was crucial, and he naturally had his misgivings. He need not have worried.

The SwiftCloud Approach

“Integration went really well, much better than I had expected.  We worked as a team together with SwiftCloud and simply adapted the structure to fit.”

“And, so successful is it, that around 50% of our customer base is now using the app to great effect.”

Working with SwiftCloud, they now have a personalised app and a system where their customers can place their own order, at any time of day, utilising mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – the choice is theirs, to suit their needs! They also have indications of out of stock items and can search for items with images.  Plus, the personalised app has enabled Hagen to project a professional image to a very high standard within the industry.

SwiftCloud Flexibility

“Customers like the flexibility of being able to order on any device and at any time,” says Andy. “They also particularly like that they can reference products by search and image.  It is also very easy to use.  

The system has enabled Hagen to process orders more effectively, as they had hoped.  Order data is processed directly into their system, straight from their customer, saving any mis-keying, thus speeding up the process to just minutes from the moment the order is placed by the customer.

“Some customers say that the app saves them around 50% of the time it used to take to order.  And, so successful is it, that around 50% of our customer base is now using it to great effect.”

“I have always found the team at SwiftCloud to be very informative and knowledgeable about their system,” admits Andy.  “They are also very flexible and will look to find a solution to an issue very quickly.  The system is very easy maintainable by the Hagen support team.  We have no real problems and are very satisfied with it.”