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STL Technology Solutions Case Study

About STL Technology Solutions

STL Technology Solutions is a leading supplier of technology solutions for the Cash & Carry, Food Service and Delivered Business sector. As a software house, they are very good at crunching large amounts of transactional data via the mission-critical business applications they write and sell. In certain areas, such as mobile apps and ordering functionality, they would seek to partner with a specialist.

Looking for a Solution

“SwiftCloud is that specialist in the field of mobile apps and ordering, in our eyes,” says STL MD Ivan Durkin.  “STL management felt that SwiftCloud was a well-designed product and that we could work with James and his guys going forward.”

STL discovered SwiftCloud originally when one of their customers attended a meeting and watched a SwiftCloud presentation. They contacted Ivan and as a result he contacted James Clarkson, Director @ SwiftCloud, and arranged an initial meeting.

The SwiftCloud Approach

“What we found at SwiftCloud reinforced my initial feelings.  My team and I felt that SwiftCloud was a well-designed product.  The app is good-looking, very clear and readable. It’s efficient to use and easy to navigate around. It is a good solid business tool that can be used to grow order intake, if distributed properly by our installed base clients.  We felt that we could work with James and his guys going forward. STL continues to work closely with the SwiftCloud product and puts it forward at every opportunity,” adds Ivan.

From the very start, SwiftCloud delivered on their promise.  They did what they said they would do.   

They provided a mobile app that our installed base customers could use,” says Ivan. “STL seamlessly integrated the orders into our sales order processing suite of software. The first of our clients to use it was Jones Food Solutions and the orders flowed straight into SOP. No issues! Three more of our clients have now signed up too.”

(For more information on how Jones Food Solutions is using SwiftCloud Click Here)

SwiftCloud Support

However, whilst it is one thing to see a successful launch, it can be quite another to keep the supplier on the case afterwards.

“I have always found the guys at SwiftCloud to be helpful and responsive.  I would say that generally they are a good partner to work with. There is a high level of trust between our two parties and we hope to continue to work with SwiftCloud going forward.  STL still believes that the SwiftCloud suite of order capture software would be invaluable to many of our wholesale and retail clients. We strongly believe that there will be much greater opportunity for these software products going forward. Our declining to work with two alternative providers highlights our commitment to the product and the key guys at SwiftCloud.” (Ivan Durkin, MD STL Technology Solutions)