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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SwiftCloud?

Good question! SwiftCloud is a B2B Mobile App originally developed as a convenient and portable transactional ordering platform for busy customers of manufacturers and distributors.  However, it is becoming much more than that and heralds the next generation of customer relationship management.

What does it do?

Everything! Well, almost…. As well as enabling swift and accurate order placement, SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App provides your customer with real time access to: their ordering history; favourites; stock levels and out-of-stocks; delivery dates; a range catalogue; latest promotions; their pricing and terms; order values; and much more, on a 24/7 basis, when you are not available.

I have specific complexities in my delivery dates and ranges. Can it cope with them?

Naturally! The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is entirely flexible. At present, it is configured to enable ordering for stock items such as those with varying delivery dates and on a made-to-order basis. We are confident it is versatile enough to help you with your needs. Just try us! Simply a Touch Away!

But my customers often want to know product details or technical information before ordering. Can it help on that score?

Of course! The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App delivers features such as Product and Technical information via easy-to-read pdf’s. Important nutritional values and technical information about allergens can be there for food businesses, for example, simply a touch away for all your customers, at any time, while technical, legal or usage information is all available, at all hours – even when you and your teams are asleep! And, photos of the range, product or parts can be loaded too.

My customers are dyed-in-the-wool. Are you sure they are ready for this?

Dead right they are! Yawn! We have heard this so many times, and yet so many times our customers have been wrong (dare we say that?!). Customers look at their mobile phones 150 times a day on average, while 50 million apps are downloaded every day for Apple and Android devices. Finally, 81% of smartphone users search for apps for the businesses they use. Why are your customers any different? SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is there already to help you tap into this potential.


We are thinking of developing something similar ourselves. Why should we buy into SwiftCloud?

Stop right there! Are you serious? We have done all the grunting for you in developing SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App. Starting from scratch, it is likely to take you 18 months or so to completion, cost you a significant six-figure sum and keep an army of developers – well, not quite an army, but certainly three or four – entertained all that time, assuming you had the time, money and resource hanging around in the first place. We can deliver in 6-8 weeks from appointment and you pay a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

We are happy with our e-commerce web-site. Why should we add to this?

Another fair question! But, did you know that app conversion rates are 120% higher than on the mobile web, or that apps deliver 2.5 times higher retention rates than the mobile web, or that app users interact 2.8 times more than mobile web users? This has probably something to do with the fact that app users are loyal customers of the apps downloaded on to their smartphones. Apps are engineered for use on smartphones and so are easier to use. And, with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, your customers don’t need to be at their desktop or in their shop to place the order. They can do it from their bed! Simply a Touch Away!

How will our customer know it is our app?

That’s an easy one! We personalise all our apps with your branding and company colours so that your customer can see you on their smartphone all day, every day, at work or at play. There is never any doubt as to who you are, reminding them to place that order, or check that price, or answer a technical question posed by one of their customers and save them ringing you in the middle of the night! Get to see SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App glowing in your company colours by simply getting in touch – now!

Can we arrange for a demo that easily?

No question! Free demos are given at a time and place to suit you. It is best to try to get all the potential decision-makers around the table at the same time so their jaws can all drop together when they see their logo and colours up in lights on SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App on the silver screen. But, if you want to be the company hero as the sole discoverer of SwiftCloud by yourself, then that is fine too.

We are doing OK as we are. Why should we change?

A normal human reaction! Not many of us like change. We all said that when the cannon took over from the bow and arrow, and the tank from the cavalry charge, and probably when inoculations replaced the witch doctor. Look around. What do you see? Mobiles on the move everywhere! Stay as you are, if you wish, but others – perhaps your competitors – are changing, and changing fast. SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App gives you that step-change, and with little effort on your part.

How much does it cost?

Surprised it’s taken you so long to ask! Despite the fact SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is reconfigured to satisfy the individual needs of every client, it is very, very inexpensive in comparison to its potential benefits. So, we quote individually, with most of the cost charged as a monthly fee. However, it is so flexible and versatile that the changes can be made and requirements accommodated quite quickly, meaning it can be launched in just 6-8 weeks, depending on the data supplied by you, the client. Did we tell you it was very inexpensive? Ask for a demo and quote now!

Wow! It can do so much. Can SwiftCloud make a strong pot of tea?

I can see where your interests lie! Not at the moment, but give us time…. Meanwhile, some of our customers sell excellent brands of tea with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, and very successfully too!

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