Huddersfield Software Firm Expands Team By Eight As Pandemic Boosts Demand

news | Feb 4, 2021

Software provider Adventoris has brought in eight new staff to meet demand from businesses looking to adopt digitised sales processes.

Last year the Huddersfield-based firm diversified its product offering to support businesses during the pandemic through its SwiftCloud platform.

The move led to 100% growth in 2020 and turnover is forecast to hit £2.5m in 2021.

Eight appointments have been made across the development, marketing, implementation and business development departments, with Steven Bamford joining the firm as business development manager after he was made redundant from his previous role at JLA supporting the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Bamford said: “The pandemic hit the hospitality and leisure sectors hard and, like many others, I was made redundant. It was a huge change to go from a thriving industry working with successful clients like the Savoy Hotel in London, to everything grinding to a halt.

“Having held previous roles working with hospitality, leisure and automotive clients, I am familiar with the struggles and challenges faced within these industries when it comes to their sales and ordering processes and I believe that the SwiftCloud platform can be a winning solution for many.”

Launched in 2012 by James Clarkson and Aman Shergill, Adventoris is aiming to revolutionise the way companies make sales and engage with their customers.

CEO Clarkson said: “Thankfully, the tech sector has stayed afloat throughout the pandemic and we have been able to continue supporting distributers and wholesalers to adopt a more digital approach.

“Digitised processes are continuing on an upward trajectory which Covid-19 has only accelerated, especially for B2B trade. We’re seeing many who were hesitant to adopt new technologies now keen to do so in order to survive and we are glad that we are able to assist businesses with this transition.”

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