Introducing a B2B ecommerce solution

blog | Jul 12, 2022

Revenue from B2B ecommerce continues to rapidly increase.
Buyer preferences are continually changing and acclimating to the trends brought about by digitisation, and B2B buyers are no exception. The modern consumer is now moving away from traditional buying methods such as email and telephone.
As a result, more and more B2B businesses are looking to introduce a B2B ecommerce solution for their trade customers.

Before introducing a B2B ecommerce solution, here are some things businesses should consider.


The whole point of introducing a B2B ecommerce solution is to make life easier for your business and your customers. If you introduce a solution that is glitchy or cumbersome which means manual intervention is necessary. Then it is just creating more work for your employees and making your ordering system worse for customers.

By introducing a B2B ecommerce solution, your customers will have the option to search your items, request cites, place requests, and reorder rapidly (independent of time and area), check request status, access a Knowledge Base, and so on. It is imperative that they can do these things straightforwardly. If their experience is poor, it will harm the consumer relationship.

SwiftCloud is the best ecommerce platform as not only does it offer your business incredible functionality. It also offers robustness, with over 60,000 orders placed a month through over 200 businesses.


Having an element of branding within your B2B ecommerce solution is also something to consider. If your platform looks completely different from your brand and other aspects of your business such as your website. It may result in a lack of uptake. As your customers may not see it as a legitimate extension of your business. Not to mention it may harm your brand image, as it seems like a piece of external software.

SwiftCloud allows complete customisation so your ecommerce platform can allow your brand to shine through. You can choose the colours; imagery and it can also be downloaded directly from the app store as your businesses piece of software.

Complex Pricing in a B2B ecommerce solution

B2B companies generally have different prices for different clients. There are several ways to structure this on an e-commerce site, including a discount for customer groups, a specific price for each SKU and customer mix, and quantity discounts for all customers or customer groups, or a mix of these techniques.
Keeping prices up to date for thousands of customers and products can be a challenge. Failure to do so can be headache for your business and could also lead to disgruntled customers. SwiftCloud’s world class development team will ensure that all your prices are always up to date.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the amount of consumers using a different devices to place orders. Your B2B ecommerce solution must be responsive to mobile phones as well as desktop. With Swiftloud’s B2B Mobile App, it is designed specifically for mobiles. Perfect for customers on the go, who are looking to place orders quickly.

Real Time Inventory

It can be extremely frustrating when placing an order just to be notified that not all items are available.

Not only will it cause more customer service problems. But your clients’ trust in your organization will begin to deteriorate as well.
SwiftCloud ensures that inventory levels are always up to date. Also allowing you to notify customers when stock levels are low.

Multiple Users on One Account

When your customers are businesses, many people can order from one account. Taking care of this can get troublesome.
SwiftCloud allows your customers to easily use multiple users on one account, with each users ordering history being visible. Purchase Order authorisation is also available to ensure that any orders placed can be authorised by employees with more privileges.

Request a Quote

For products and companies that operate via quotations and not fixed prices. Having an ecommerce platform which allows customers to request a quote will streamline the process. The speed and efficiency of this feature will give your company an upper hand. SwiftCloud’s Quotation Module allows your customers to request a quote.

Repeat Ordering

A lot of trade customers, repeat orders. Whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. Having an ecommerce system which makes repeat ordering easy, would be of huge benefit to your customers. Giving them the opportunity to order in an instance, would greatly enhance their buying experience.
SwiftCloud allows for repeat ordering through its Order from History functionality and Shopping Lists feature.

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