Investing in an App > Investing in your website

blog | Oct 5, 2020

In the modern business climate that we currently operate in, an increasing emphasis is usually placed on the website of a company. It is often described as a ‘virtual shop front’ and the centrepiece of a digital presence, but what if we shocked you and told you there’s something more fruitful for you as a business to explore. As a business dealing with other businesses your clients will strive for a pragmatic and efficient experience above all because… time is money. This is where an app comes into the equation.

Mobile users taking over desktop users

As of this year there are now more mobile users than there are web desktop users on the internet. A whopping 86% of these mobile web users use apps when on their mobiles as opposed to websites. Due to the simplicity in navigation and their offer of a time saving user experience, apps are now a mainstay of many business strategies. Look at business giants such as Amazon and ASOS who have spent millions on their websites to make them look the part and be as user friendly as possible only for customers to spend more time shopping on their apps. This is due to the streamline and optimised experience which comes with using apps.

Why an app is the future

If you are a business dealing with another business, two of the most important factors for your customer is how easy it was to purchase and how quickly it took to purchase. Through an app you can offer a sense of personalisation and a tailored mobile layout. This then improves the speed and ease of each purchase. An improved user journey will likely lead to your customers spending more time shopping and frequenting your online store more.  

To summarise, with the amount of people using mobiles to surf the web increasing year on year and these users overwhelmingly using apps as their chosen navigation method, investing in app > investing in your website.

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