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Imagine a customer relationship tool and a transactional platform that integrates like a dream within a company.   Imagine a seamless and easy transition and launch that will be a model for any later integrations.  Imagine an app platform that can work with virtually any ERP system and on virtually any mobile phone.

Well, now you can.  It’s You!

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is the market-leading, ground-breaking app that enables your customers to access key information from, and trade with, your company at all times of the day or night, wherever they are and whenever it suits them.  They can access vital information to help that sale, just like speaking with someone from your company, but without bothering them or getting them out of bed!

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App – Simply a Touch Away!

  • The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is an extremely versatile and stable customer relationship management system and transactional platform. It is extremely flexible and can be configured to meet your special requirements.  Indeed, we want it to so as to deliver a product carefully-designed, uniquely for you.  It is easy to use and can be up and running to your specifications within 6-8 weeks
  • Your data is held securely with the latest encryption, on our own private servers hosted by N+1 data centres via SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, and is not on a public cloud. Your confidential information is therefore safe and separate, with your security as our top priority

Why worry about the cost, time and resource necessary to develop your own system when SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App has already done the worrying for you – at a fraction of the cost you would incur?


The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App experts hand-hold your team throughout the process, doing their utmost to operate with honesty and integrity and go the extra mile to make it easy for new clients


The launch process for SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is quick and customers remark on how easy it was from beginning to end

  • Personalising the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is something in which we specialise, designing unique and strong branded approaches with your own login/splash screen for all our clients. You will be the sole supplier on the app.  There is even a group app for multiple companies, if required
  • We can even personalise your eCommerce website for ordering, to the same design as the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App
  • Listings for the custom SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App are available on Google Play, App Store and Amazon Apps, with your own app icon image and app name, and personalised app store content with videos and promotional images
  • The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App now has experience in many different industries and can deal with complex requirements such as made-to-order lines and varying delivery lead-times on the same order. New ideas are coming out all the time and we are very open to ideas from clients new and not-so-old!
  • SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App integrates with the best in business technologies, including your ERP system, seamlessly integrating orders into your backend ordering system and helping to take the platform to the next level
  • SwiftCloud B2B Mobile custom-built apps comprise of: Apple iOS native app; Google Android native app; Blackberry app (Android)

The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App can be sent to your customer base so they can connect with you


SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App comes with an optional web-ordering module, integrating fully with the mobile app, allowing customers to barcode or QR-code scan items to add items to their desktop basket


SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App offers your sales team a sales manager module to: show products and special offers to customers; take orders; and generate comprehensive sales reports for Sales Management

Ongoing system upgrades for SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, as well as new features and support, are all covered in the pricing agreement

Enjoying a free demo on SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is Simply a Touch Away!