Northern Power House and Jake Berry MP Share in Adventoris Success

news | Sep 28, 2018

Adventoris the technology company behind SwiftCloud share in the success!

Adventoris welcome a visit from MP Jake Berry and Grant Peggie, director at British Business Bank, the operators of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile Ordering App success story was the focal point of the day, and all were pleased to share in Adventoris' success. 

After being granted an investment sum of £250,000 in 2017, Adventoris were pleased to welcome back Northern Power House to share in their success.

The minister was joined by Grant Peggie, director of venture capital solutions at the British Business Bank, and Prof Bob Cryan, vice-chancellor at the University of Huddersfield, to mark a special milestone.

Since its launch the fund has invested £60 million in small and medium-sized businesses in deals attracting an additional £40 million in private sector investment.

More than 300 investments have been made in a variety of companies across the North.

Mr Berry said:

“The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund has achieved truly remarkable things in a very short space of time.

“As we reach the £100m milestone, we’re hearing from Northern innovators, creators and entrepreneurs who have used these investments to create jobs, up-skill their workforces and rapidly expand their businesses.

“It’s testament to what can be achieved when the Government works hand-in-hand with the private and public sectors to make the Northern Powerhouse one of the most business-friendly regions in the UK.”

James Clarkson of Adventoris said:

“We’re now winning a new client on average almost once a week, and all together our clients have a turnover of £1.7 billion, therefore we must continue to expand the business to keep up.”

The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund project is supported financially by the European Union using funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Visit the Adventoris website for details.

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