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For The Operations Director

Imagine a company where all customer orders are seamlessly integrated with its ERP, enjoying an end-to-end logistics solution. Imagine a warehouse whose returns rate and breakages plummet as order mis-keying reduces. Imagine a business where enquiries reduce as customers access stock levels in real time.

Well, now you can. It’s You!

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is the market-leading, ground-breaking app that enables your customers to access key information from, and trade with, your company at all times of the day or night, wherever they are and whenever it suits them.  They can access vital information to help that sale, just like speaking with someone from your company, but without bothering them or getting them out of bed!

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App – Simply a Touch Away!

  • Your customers can place orders with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App with ease at any time of the day or night.  You can sleep easy, knowing orders are coming in securely day and night, but at the customer’s convenience, perhaps when they have shut up for the night and are sipping a glass of something red in their pub kitchen or as they scan their stock on late-night opening
  • SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App integrates with the best in business technologies, including your ERP system, seamlessly integrating orders into your backend ordering system and helping to take the platform to the next level

Because customers place the orders themselves with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, that saves you time and, potentially, money, while problems with mis-keying do not come back to your business and costly returns and breakages/losses are reduced;


Up-to-date stock levels and delivery dates are visible on SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App, even for complex or made-to-order lines, or lines with varying delivery dates, thus reducing the number of time-wasting stock enquiries to your teams;


SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App comes with an optional web-ordering module, integrating fully with the mobile app, allowing customers to barcode or QR-scan items and add orders on their desktop PC, all making it so easy to order from you;

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is creating the next generation of customer relationship management systems, with the customer a very real and active player in that relationship, with ready access to his prices, terms, delivery dates, order history, special deals and promotions, coupled with your stock availability, range catalogue, and product and technical information, all Simply a Touch Away!

Enjoying a free demo on SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is Simply a Touch Away!