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blog | May 19, 2022

For the modern day consumer, the power of push notifications is unrivalled. Have you ever been scrolling on your phone, and received a notification from ASOS which alerts you that the shirt you wanted is selling fast. Or maybe you’ve received a notification from Uber Eats which tells you that you have a 50% discount to use on a takeaway tonight? If so, then you’ll understand just how effective of a communication method push notifications are for a business. SwiftCloud’s Push Notifications received through the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App now gives B2B businesses the chance to communicate with their customers in that same way.

Complete Personalisation

Your business is given complete control of any communication you send out to your customers. The information relayed through SwiftCloud's Push Notifications is completely customisable. Which makes it ideal for telling your customers about any special offers, new stock or seasonal promotions.

Using deep links, your customers simply need to press the notification and it would open the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App on the page relevant to the notification received.

Complete Control

Different variables ensure that not every B2B ordering process is the same. Moreover, your customers or accounts may have different pricing lists, different order sizes, different days for ordering. With SwiftCloud’s Push Notifications, you can ensure the notification matches the needs of the recipient. Furthermore, your business handpicks which customers or accounts receive notifications and what notifications they receive. Push notifications can be sent instantly by your business to your customers, or they can be scheduled. Perfect when launching things such as seasonal offers.

User Friendly Interface

Finally, SwiftCloud B2B Push Notifications are created and sent through a desktop platform, ‘the Push Notification studio'. The platform has reporting functionalities so your business can track and analyse your campaigns. You can also see open and conversation rates - which gives you a powerful B2B advertising tool. 97% of Push Notifications are read, compared with just 4% for email. This shows exactly how effective push notifications can be when increasing order value and volume.

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