Staedtler streamlines B2B ordering process with SwiftCloud

news | Nov 18, 2021

Writing instruments company Staedtler UK has strengthened and streamlined its digital presence with the launch of a new B2B app powered by SwiftCloud.

Created by Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Adventoris, the SwiftCloud app enables Staedtler’s customers to view thousands of products, communicate with the company and place orders 24/7.

Staedtler UK Managing Director Philip Wesolowski says that the new ordering system is a vast improvement on the old one, which was heavily reliant on email and phone orders and visits from sales representatives.

He said: “Before SwiftCloud, our trade sales channel operated with manual order capture and order entry which was very time consuming for both sales and customer service staff. Manual processes also led to errors resulting in credit notes and a less-than-perfect experience for the customer. Some of our customers would also wait for a visit from their sales rep to place an order, meaning they placed orders sporadically.

“Introducing the SwiftCloud app to our organisation has not only allowed our customers more freedom to order from us whenever suits them, but it has also enabled us to provide up-to-date product information and a whole host of marketing materials to support them too.”

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