SwiftCloud and Thrive.App announce partnership

news | Dec 4, 2023

SwiftCloud are happy to announce a new partnership with Thrive.App, a world class internal communication platform and app for employees.

Thrive.App offers businesses an easy to use, secure and engaging internal communications platform in the shape of a company employee app.  

Through Thrive.App businesses can reach all their employees effortlessly and consistently by adding all communications through Thrive.App. Minimise the need to publish communications via multiple channels or wait on other departments to get the message out.

Reduce the number of missed messages and keep information up-to-date so that everyone remains 'in the loop'. Using their predesigned list layouts and straightforward publishing system you can quickly create and send out your latest news and updates with just a few clicks.

Matt Pinel, Channel Partner Manager at SwiftCloud said "It is fantastic to be working with Thrive.App. It's not the typical type of partner SwiftCloud usually work with, but having met the team at Thrive.App and seeing what they do and how enthusiastic and professional they are, it was a no brainer in the end. While what we both do is somewhat different there is definitely synergy between the types of businesses we both go after, which is going to lead to a long and successful partnership I believe."

We look forward to building on our relationship with Thrive.App in the future as we both strive towards ensuring businesses are digitised within their processes.

Read more about Thrive.App here.

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