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news | Sep 1, 2020

It’s been a busy few months for SwiftCloud. The Coronavirus Pandemic has accelerated the need for digitisation across all sectors with the B2B industry being no exception, meaning the demand for intelligent ordering systems has never been higher.

2020 has brought incredibly challenging times for many businesses, especially those who depend on external sales teams to go out and physically take orders. We are proud to have been able to help many of those businesses throughout the pandemic. Our success during this time is simply a biproduct of our ambition to ensure companies across the UK and beyond are operating as well and as resourceful as they can be.

We have grown our Client Roster

Since January we have welcomed 24 clients on board, with the latest including Fellowes Netherlands, Bira Direct and Mayflex. We look forward to a successful onboarding for all our new clients.

We have grown our team

There have been 17 new appointments made across the marketing, implementation, customer success and business development departments.

We are a finalist

The start of 2021 has also seen Adventoris reach the final of the Insider: Made in Yorkshire awards within the The Digital Engineering/Technology category. The winner will be announced late July so keep your eyes peeled.

We have new partnerships

A new year also means new partnerships and we are proud to announce two partnerships in 2021. Firstly, we are now partnered with Torchbearer, a software development house offering solutions such as Web Design and Game Development. Secondly, we are partnered with Turnkey Business Solutions who deliver business software to companies throughout the UK.

We have impressed our clients

We have always impressed our clients and 2021 is no different:

“The SwiftCloud app has given us better visibility and less manual intervention in the ordering process which has helped to increase the accuracy and frequency of customer orders.”

– Philip Wesolowski, Staedtler UK

‘The whole process has now been refined and our efficiency with those customers that were originally ordering via email has greatly improved.’ Despite already having a strong relationship with their customers, Hills Prospect have also been able to further enhance that relationship by offering a ‘platform that has met the needs of our customers who continually use it.’

– Ivan Humm, Hills Prospect

That just about concludes a busy but successful first half of the year for SwiftCloud, with plenty more to come in second half of the year.

A B2B Business looking for an app to optimise and maximise your business potential? SwiftCloud is the #1 Omni-channel sales and marketing tool specifically designed for wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers. With clients like AG Barr and Staedtler already on board, look no further.

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