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SwiftCloud is the flagship product of Adventoris, specialists in enhancing and futureproofing the way wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers receive orders. Based in the heart of Yorkshire, the powerful SwiftCloud platform has powered over 200 B2B ordering apps throughout the UK and beyond.

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SwiftCloud's Objective

The rapidly changing dynamic of the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace has created a mass shift in the way that customers place orders. The acceleration of digitisation within the industry has instigated an increasing number of businesses to offer a digital sales platform, and what was once deemed a luxury is now an integral part of ordering.

The complexities involved with B2B ordering, in many cases, has meant that B2B firms haven’t been as reactive as business-to-consumer (B2C) companies to embrace digitisation, or necessarily had the right tools to do so. Issues such as varying order volumes, bespoke pricing and stock management has meant that basic conventional ecommerce software is unable to handle the B2B requirements.

SwiftCloud is designed to handle complex orders with an array of features including pallet building, product specification editing and adjustable delivery dates. SwiftCloud also ensures that your brand identity is protected and that the integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is seamless.

SwiftCloud’s objective is to provide wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers with a streamlined and effective B2B ecommerce system. Putting their products in the hands of their customers, 24/7.

SwiftCloud's Background

Adventoris was established in 2012, when corporate finance director James Clarkson, partnered with blue-chip system architect Aman Shergill, to create an innovative and competitive platform, enabling businesses to increase sales, reduce costs and enhance customer service.

Adventoris set out to create innovative technologies which would revolutionise the way wholesalers, manufacturers and suppliers received and placed orders. It has since grown to become a leading B2B SAAS provider throughout the UK and Europe.

SwiftCloud, its flagship platform, is the no.1 B2B mobile app for distributors and wholesalers providing firms with a platform that enables their customers to see products, communicate with the company and make orders 24/7. SwiftCloud now heralds the next generation of customer relationship management, seamlessly integrating with virtually all EPR systems.

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SwiftCloud's Success

The SwiftCloud app has proven to be a resounding success within the B2B sector, so much so that the module line up has now expanded significantly to six ordering solutions being available, including the SwiftCloud Desktop Portal and the SwiftCloud Sales Manager app.

Now boasting a client list of over 170 companies throughout the UK and beyond (including household names like Staedtler, Pukka Pies, AG BARR, and Pipers Crisps), SwiftCloud has become the number one B2B ordering solution trusted by prestigious businesses and brands alike.

SwiftCloud currently partners with a range of ERP suppliers, Wholesale Groups and B2B technology experts, including Merlin Software Solutions, a leading supplier of B2B software and Unitas Wholesale Ltd, the buying group formed from the merger of Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale. It is now the largest wholesale services company of its kind in the UK with buying power exceeding £8.5bn and includes the largest network of independent cash & carry wholesalers and delivered wholesalers in the UK.

SwiftCloud is consistently growing and evolving, with new modules and updates being added regularly. Customers of SwiftCloud also benefit from a designated implementation consultant, a world class technical support team and a customer success manager, who are on hand to help every step of the way.

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