SwiftCloud PO Authorisation

SwiftCloud's PO Authorisation module offers businesses the opportunity to review and authorise orders placed through SwiftCloud.

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Authorisation when needed
SwiftCloud PO Authorisation allows your customers to apply parameters and privileges within SwiftCloud's B2B ordering. 

When multiple customers from a single business are placing orders, parameters can be set up to ensure an order is approved by management before it's processed.

Parameters chosen by you
SwiftCloud PO Authorisation allows there to be a set value in place before orders have to be approved. For example, if it is only the orders large in value size that need approval, a limit such as £100 can be set. This is ideal for businesses who only insist on large value orders being processed by management as opposed to every order.

Alternatively if all orders need approval before processing, the limit can be set at a default of £0.

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