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SwiftCloud B2B ecommerce designed and built exclusively for wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers gives your customers 24/7 access to you. Custom branded and supporting the most complex of orders, increase trade order value and volume today by introducing your very own custom intelligent ordering app.


Intelligent trade ordering

With nine powerful B2B Ecommerce modules, SwiftCloud ensures your business is B2B ecommerce ready for both customers and sales teams. As well as the SwiftCloud mobile and tablet apps, customers can order from the web via the SwiftCloud Web Portal, which can be quickly accessed from a button added to your existing website. SwiftCloud's impressive cross platform functionality means that customers can place orders through the platform in a way which they feel most comfortable, with all bases covered. 


Seamless integration

All SwiftCloud modules integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP system. After the smooth integration our expert team of implementation managers will help every step of the way to get your system up and running as soon as possible. We integrate with most ERP systems, visit our integration page to find out more. A seamless integration is key when it comes to successfully introducing B2B ecommerce to your business. This is as automation and efficiency gains from integration often result in cost savings over time, as manual processes are reduced, and resources are utilized more effectively. 

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Powering apps throughout the UK and beyond!

SwiftCloud’s current clients, with a combined turnover of £5 Billion trust their sales to the SwiftCloud platform. We’re proud to provide B2B ecommerce solutions to a wide range of industries, from Food and Drink to Tools and Machinery to Textiles and more. With thousands of orders being processed monthly, our robust platform is central to powering the digital ordering of over 215 B2B businesses worldwide. 


A World-class technical team

Our world-class technical team are on hand throughout the process to ensure your new system is set up and ready to go. Specialising in B2B ecommerce, our consultants will assist in getting your data, imagery, and any relevant materials exactly where it needs to be. Following on from signing up to SwiftCloud, you will be designated one of our world class implementers who will assist in the build of the platform. Once your platform has been built and is ready for launch, your business will be then assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your CSM will ensure a successful launch, provide ongoing support and update your business about any new features within SwiftCloud. Making sure SwiftCloud is a success for your company. 

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