The SwiftCloud Telesales Portal

The process of inputting orders via telephone can sometimes be slow or cumbersome. The SwiftCloud Telesales Portal will ensure that your sales team are working to the best of their ability with our lightning-fast digital order experience.
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Lightning-Fast Inputs
The SwiftCloud Telesales Portal allows your sales team to input orders instantly, unlike some of the systems often used by businesses where several screens are needed resulting in a time consuming and clumsy process for their sales team. The instantaneous nature of the SwiftCloud Sales Portal means that orders can be inputted within minutes and with minimal stress, equating to a more efficient sales team.

Fast Order Entry
Time Saving
Complete Integration
Telesales has never been easier
When a customer calls to place an order, their account can be effortlessly displayed through search criteria such as the customer’s name, their business, or other differentiating elements. This eradicates the need for awkward means of identification such as long account numbers. When it comes to adding to orders, it has never been easier. The SwiftCloud Telesales Portal means that products can easily be found through a simple search function rather than clunky product numbers. This reduces the risk of the ordering the wrong items, especially when a product has different variants and sizes.

Single Screen Interface
Search For Products
Product Catalogue
Making life easier for both your sales team and your customers
The ability to access the buying history of the customer gives your sales team the added benefit of using previous sales orders rather than individually keying in the same order week on week. When accessing the customer’s account, your sales team can also identify any promotions or offers which are available, making upselling much easier. Additionally, if a customer has special requirements or requests about a product, that request will be stored for future orders, eliminating the need to submit these requests.
Price Override
Meeting Notes
Telesales is no longer resigned to the office
In many instances, businesses often require their sales teams to be in a certain location due to the system in place. The SwiftCloud Telesales Portal can be accessed regardless of where your team are working from, whether it be another office or remotely, keeping your operations running effortlessly.

Accessible Anywhere
Winning Customer Experience
Complete Account Management

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