The SwiftCloud B2C App

Sell directly to customers with the SwiftCloud B2C app. Available as an add on to the SwiftCloud B2B ordering app or as a stand-alone platform. If you’re already selling to the trade, with SwiftCloud you can now unlock the ability to sell to both businesses and the consumer using one unbeatable, custom branded B2C app.

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Direct to Consumer Sales
The powerful SwiftCloud B2C app allows your business to sell products to the general public as opposed to only taking trade account orders. The app allows customers who do not hold trade accounts with you to build an order with ease and make a payment with minimal fuss, launching an entirely new sales channel for you.

24/7 ordering
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Lightning Fast Ordering
Order as you Envision
The SwiftCloud B2C app also allows your business to set parameters when it comes to customers placing orders. This can be based on attributes such as location and cost of order. If you only want to do business within a specific region or take orders over a set amount, then the app has the functionality to block orders that aren’t accommodating to your business, keeping you in control.

Custom Branding
Winning Customer Experience
Expert Support
Pricing exactly as you need it
Above all, the SwiftCloud B2C app is capable of large, complex ordering including a pallet building function, adjustable delivery dates, product specification editing, unit building, attribute filtering and more. The functionality of the SwiftCloud B2C app also allows your business to allocate set pricing for customers who do not hold a trade account, ensuring that the right people see the right price.

You can also update prices instantly, which is ideal for special offers and industry changes. 

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Powerful marketing direct to your Customers
Any promotions, pricing updates or special offers can be marketed directly to anyone who has downloaded your app. Using the SwiftCloud B2C app you can send instant personalised messages to customers via Push Notifications. 97% of Push Notifications are read, compared with just 4% for email. As a result, you can drive top-line sales with powerful, tailored promotions and special offers.

Push Notifications
Fast Payment Options
Offers and Promotions

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