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Many businesses receive purchase orders directly from their customers via email, only then to be keyed in by a member of the team. This can often be an error strewn and time-consuming process. SwiftCloud’s Email Ordering offers a fast and seamless alternative.

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Revolutionising the way businesses take orders
When a customer sends an order through to your business via email, it is often the case that the order will be keyed in manually by a member of your team. SwiftCloud’s Email Ordering eliminates the need for manual inputting by pulling data from your customer’s order and placing it in your ERP, whether it be a text file, PDF or even a word document.
Latest technology
Email to ERP
Complete Integration
Cutting Edge Technology

SwiftCloud’s Email Ordering uses the latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to read the orders as an image before converting to text and placing in your ERP system. This cutting-edge software ensures that there are no entry errors and no time wasted keying orders in manually.
Eradicate errors
Optical Character Recognition
Image to text convection
Software you can rely on
If you’re not entirely sure of trusting technology to be responsible for Purchase Order’s (especially those large in quantity) SwiftCloud’s Email Ordering offers certain validation. This is offered by sending an email alert to your business to notify you of any issues in the order.
Robust system
Secure software
Lightning fast

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