The SwiftCloud B2B Sales Manager App

Boost your B2B Sales and Sales Managers productivity with the SwiftCloud Sales Manager App. The ultimate tool for Sales Managers, whether dealing with accounts internally or out in the field. Integrating seamlessly with your existing ERP system.

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Complete Control
Firstly, using the SwiftCloud B2B Sales Manager App, your sales team will always have complete control over their accounts, whenever and wherever it suits them. Allowing for complete mobility and flexibility to drive sales whilst offering exceptional customer service.

Moreover, with your own branded B2B Sales App powered by SwiftCloud, your field sales team will benefit from the ability to access and switch between user accounts effortlessly. With invaluable functions such as conducting up to the minute stock checks and pricing enquiries, recording notes and accessing reports, including details such as order history and credit information, the SwiftCloud B2B Sales App has it all.
All from your home screen
24/7 ordering
Lightning Fast Ordering
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B2B Sales app built around you
The Sales Manager App is designed to ensure your sales team can work efficiently, effortlessly and effectively. This means that key elements which are imperative within a sales team can be carried out seamlessly. This includes accessing and switching between multiple customer accounts within seconds regardless of where you are in that current moment. 

Customise permissions and access with ease.
If needed, the B2B Sales App also gives your sales team permissions of price overriding, allowing them to arrange offers for their customers, there and then. Meeting with customers has also never been easier with SwiftCloud Sales Manager App ensuring that customer notes can be recorded with the SwiftCloud note taking function, complete with 24/7 access.
Custom Branding
Winning Customer Experience
Complete Account Management
Complete Communication
The SwiftCloud Sales Manager App also elevates the level of communication within your business with the ability to send and share files amongst your colleagues, eliminating the need for emails, bulky laptops and distracting phone calls. Communication is also enhanced between your sales team and your customers with a 24/7 SwiftChat function, perfect for answering queries quickly. With the Invite Users function your sales managers can also invite customers to use the SwiftCloud App in seconds whilst out in the field. Onboarding new users has never been easier or simpler.
Customer Onboarding
Price Override
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Analysis and Reporting
Analysis and Reporting is a key feature of the Sales Manager App, with your B2B sales team immediately able to build orders and access customer reports with details such as customer credit information and B2B sales trends. If you’re visiting a customer, you can view their order history in seconds through the SwiftCloud Order History function. View previous orders, create PDF’s and send them back to the office via email in seconds.
Meeting Notes
Send & Share Files
Fast Ordering

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