Become a partner

Our partnership programme is an integral part of our business. 
We believe that through trusted partnerships, we can work together to build a tech community that opens new sales channels, reaches new customers and helps mutually improve product portfolios.

Why partner with us?

Our focus is to help build mutual, long-term and beneficial client relationships, and profit enhancement by providing excellent ongoing value whilst supporting you and your clients alike. We want our partners to offer our platform to enhance thier offering, giving thier clients a winning, tried and tested platform that includes a comprehensive support package. 

Enhance your offering

Offer the best B2B mobile app on the market

Receive a % of ongoing SAAS revenue

Build a long-term relationship with a trusted partner

Marketing opportunities

Introduce 9 new modules 
to your portfolio

Offer your customers the best on the market.
The SwiftCloud app is a powerful, customisable ordering app that integrates with existing ERP systems, designed to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction through 24/7 mobile ordering. Along with the B2B app, SwiftCloud also offers eight other modules all designed with B2B selling in mind, including a desktop portal and a sales manager app.

SwiftCloud official partners

SwiftCloud already partners with a range of ERP vendors, Buying Groups and B2B technology experts including Merlin Software Solutions, a leading supplier of B2B software and Unitas Wholesale Ltd the largest wholesale services company of its kind in the UK with buying power exceeding £8.5bn and includes the largest network of independent wholesalers in the UK.
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