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Our Partner Programme is a growing part of our business model. We want you, our partners, to succeed by making the most of the opportunities SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App gives you to grow your business and enhance your module offering to your clients. Our focus is to help build mutual, long-term and sustainable market share, beneficial client relationships, and profit enhancement by providing excellent ongoing value whilst supporting you and your clients alike.

Working with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App

By partnering with SwiftCloud, you and your clients benefit from the experience and expertise of the leader in B2B Mobile App software.  You can trust us not to let you down as we know just how vital it is for you to retain your good name with your clients.  And, we can have your clients up and running in just 6-8 weeks from appointment by them.

SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App can help you widen your module offering

Let’s face it.  Apps are the growing sector in the e-commerce market.  Many consumers are also small traders.  The SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App platform helps the customers of your clients place orders on a mobile app, saving the customer time and frustration and removing the need for manual data entry with client systems. SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App is ideal for businesses dependent upon email, phone, fax, and manual order entry to place, receive and process orders.

Become a Partner with SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App



Receive a share of the revenue generated from your clients.


Broaden your product offering to your clients.


Seize new growth opportunities in the mobile app software sector.


Work with a proven partner in cloud-based mobile software.


Access partner-only resources for training, marketing, sales and technical support.

Rest Assured

Your clients will be treated as preciously as our own.

Help Your Clients with the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App


Real Time Ordering

End manual order taking and move to receive all orders electronically via the personalised app – and associated e-commerce web-site

Stock Levels

Reduce time-consuming enquiries on stock levels, in-stocks, range offering and delivery dates

Personalised and Unique App – just for them!

Enable your clients to have their brand-name and colours on the customer mobile at all times

Promotions and Push Notifications

Sign up your clients to alert their customers the easy and increasingly the desirable way

Free Assisted Setup

We will implement and train your clients on the SwiftCloud B2B Mobile App

No Purchase Costs

No purchase cost and no ongoing service or support costs


We provide training videos, e-Guides and live webinar training

SaaS Fees

Fixed monthly fees

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By collaborating with Adventoris, you bring our shared expertise, experience and insights to your clients. Unlock your full business potential – and satisfy clients and customers of all shapes and sizes in all industries.  Simply a Touch Away!