The SwiftCloud Web Portal

For those customers who prefer to order via a desktop computer, or want to switch between devices, the SwiftCloud Web Portal is the perfect solution. The Web Portal automatically syncs with your SwiftCloud App, your ERP system and any other SwiftCloud modules you may want to add-on.
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Website Integration
With the SwiftCloud Web Portal, you can add a simple login button to your existing website which directly links to your custom branded SwiftCloud Web Portal.
The SwiftCloud Web Portal is fully integrated with your SwiftCloud Ordering App, Sales Manager App and ERP system, allowing a smooth streamlined experience across the board. The smooth integrated experience delivers flexibility for your customers, allowing them to begin their order on the desktop before adding to it via the SwiftCloud App whilst in working premises.

Built around you
The SwiftCloud Web Portal allows you to showcase your brand with a customisable desktop login screen. With a simplistic and user-friendly interface your customers will love the quality and speed that comes with ordering. Once your customers receive their login details, they will be set up and ready to go.

Features of the SwiftCloud Web Module
There are plenty of features of the SwiftCloud Web Portal for both you and your customers to benefit from.
Product information
Special offers
24/7 ordering
Check stock avalibility
Shopping list building
Complex order configurations
desktop login
Intelligent B2B software
Both you and your customers can cut down on wasted time on the phone with the SwiftCloud Web Portal. You can check stock availability and delivery dates, even for complicated made-to-order lines. Important product details such as technical, nutritional or allergen information can be viewed in the form of tech sheets which can be sent directly to customers or downloaded to your device. You can also set your own personal terms and prices, special offers, promotions and much more.

Ordering for complex orders
The SwiftCloud Web Portal is capable of large, complex ordering including a pallet building function, adjustable delivery dates, product specification editing, unit building, attribute filtering and more. Your customers will be delighted with the ease of use and the great features available to them such as shopping list building and adding favourite items.

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