Lubna Foods

Lubna Foods Ltd, proprietor of the Supreme brand, provides a complete service in the bulk distribution of leading branded food products. Supreme supplies food ingredients which cater for clients, from small retailers to the expansive wholesalers.

The Problem

Lubna Foods were looking for an app which allowed their sales reps to place orders easily and efficiently. They were already using an app called Handshake, which is based in the US, but were looking for a technology supplier a little closer to home, so if they had an issue, it could be resolved straight away, instead of waiting prolonged periods of time for a resolution.

With the app the sales reps can now take orders with ease, and we were able to put a limitation on the sales reps changing prices which is a great help
Overall SwiftCloud exceeded our expectations and we are incredibly happy with how the process has gone

The Solution

Lubna Foods decided to begin by allowing their sales reps to use the Sales Manager App function to place trade customer orders, with plans to roll out the app to their trade customers in the near future.

“When we signed up and started using the app, we discovered a few things that we wanted adjusting within the app to better meet the needs of our sales reps, SwiftCloud were happy to help!

Fast repeat ordering for customers
Tech support guidance
Secure and rigorous platform
Regular software updates
Seamless ERP integration
Detailed customer database
Barcode scanning
Custom branded platform
We also received the orders in exactly the format we required, but mainly, allowing the prices to update automatically was the best update as on the previous app we were using, the process was incredibly long winded, I had to download the file, convert the text file to excel file and then upload it, which used to take about half an hour, now I have to just click on two buttons and its updated!

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