Staedtler is one of the world's leading manufacturers of writing, colouring, and drawing instruments as well as premium quality polymer modelling clays.

The Problem

Staedtler UK needed to implement a new digital ordering system which would help both enhance and streamline their operations. As a result, they looked towards SwiftCloud for an ordering solution.

We are delighted with the ongoing support from SwiftCloud and looking forward to the added features due in 2021
Before SwiftCloud our trade sales channel operated with manual order capture and order entry which was very time consuming for both Sales and Customer Service staff. Manual processes also led to errors resulting in credit notes and a less-than-perfect experience for the customer

The Solution

Staedtler UK, especially being a house-hold name, needed to ensure that integrating with SwiftCloud would be a seamless operation. They also needed to ensure their new system was robust, had airtight security measures, and allowed complexed ordering configurations with 1000s of SKUs.

Through introducing their ordering app powered by SwiftCloud, Staedtler UK have digitised their customers ordering process completely and are reaping the rewards. With less manual intervention needed and more ordering freedom given to customers, the introduction of SwiftCloud has been a successful move for Staedtler UK.


Barcode scanning
Fast repeat ordering for customers
Seamless ERP integration
Secure and rigorous platform
Shopping list building
PDF into sheets with product listings
Custom branded platform
Tech support and guidance
The SwiftCloud app has given us better visibility and less manual intervention in the ordering process which has helped to increase the accuracy and frequency of customer orders

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