10 Things to consider when introducing an App to your business

blog | Mar 9, 2021

10 Things worth considering when introducing an app for your business.

Security - Is the data belonging to your business and the customers safe?

It is almost a given that your app will have an input of data which is either confidential to your business or to your customers. To have a security breach within your app could be disastrous for your business, so it is imperative that security is watertight. SwiftCloud offer this much needed security and it is shown within the trust placed in us by over 150 of our clients.

Efficiency - Does the app make things easier for both your business and your customers.

The whole reason behind the rise of the app is the efficiency and speed of purchase it offers users. If the app does not make life easier for both the business and your customers, then the app is not doing its job.  An effective easy to use interface combined with features such as ‘remember password’ and ‘shopping list’ will ensure that your app is efficient, all of which are offered by SwiftCloud.

 Support - Is there support on hand for any issues?

Like most technology, apps can be occasionally partial to snags, bugs and errors.  If your app is faulty or riddled with errors, then the uptake in users will be minimal. It is important that your business keeps up to date with any issue’s users have within the app. At SwiftCloud we have a devoted support team to help our clients combat any of these issues instantly.

Competitors - What are your competitors doing?

It also might be worth taking into consideration what your competitors are doing and whether they have an app. If a large amount of your competitors have apps then it could be providing them with an advantage especially amongst the modern consumer. Swiftcloud’s client roster touches on a wide range of industries spanning from wholesale to manufacturers to distributors.

Ease of use – Is the app easy to navigate and straightforward for users?

Ensuring your app is easy and straightforward to use is another thing to consider when introducing your app. If the app is complex to download, log in to or navigate it will not get the interaction needed to have the desired effect on your business. With Swiftcloud clients will receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure that they are utilising the app to its full potential.

Complexities - Can the app cope with the complexities of your business?

If your business has such complexities as bespoke pricing or a range of products only available to a certain set of customers, then it is vital that your app has the capabilities to handle this. SwiftCloud was made to handle complex ordering with almost all our clients having bespoke, customer specific pricing and complex ordering configurations.

Devices - Is the app accessible on different devices?

The ability to access the app on different devices is also something to take into consideration. Not everyone has a smartphone, others may prefer alternatives such as tablets or desktops. If your app works on several devices, it is more accessible to your customers ensuring a larger uptake. SwiftCloud runs on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

App Store - Is the app available on app stores?

Your app being available on Google Play and The App Store is also something to think about. Apps unavailable on app stores see a much lower download percentage to those available. All SwiftCloud’s clients’ apps are available on both app stores.

Time – How will the app take to create (and it will it get finished)?

Building an app takes longer than you think. The average time for building an app from scratch can often surpass 12 months, which in turn can be incredibly costly. Even then there is no guarantee that it will work as smoothly as expected with extra time needed to anticipate for any trialling and bugging. You as a business need to decide whether you can commit to a long-winded project. With SwiftCloud you can have your app up and running within a 12-week period.

Updates  - Will the app be able integrate with any updates to the business?

Over time there will be changes within your business, it is important to make sure that any updates and changes will be able to be added smoothly to your app with minimal fuss. Updating your app can sometimes take a large amount of time and attention. SwiftCloud will ensure that any updates to your app will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

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