Why Should I Offer a Branded App When I Have a Mobile Responsive Website?

blog | Feb 13, 2019

Embracing a digital B2B future | Mobile app vs Responsive Website

B2B Technology – Why should I offer a Branded App when I have a Mobile Responsive Website?

When it comes to Wholesalers and Manufacturers and B2B Technology, one of the biggest questions in 2019 regarding technology, mobile and sales is, should my company invest in a branded sales App when we already have mobile responsive web ordering? The answer is YES. However, it’s important to understand the differences between the two, and how Web, Mobile and App can work together to increase your sales in 2019 and beyond.

Speed is everything…and the App delivers

53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

The performance of web ordering is dramatically slower than an App. Web ordering requires the full screen image being updated per click, sometimes taking longer than 3 seconds load time, if you are building large orders this is very unpractical, whereas an App only sends small packets of data, such as price, stock availability and UOM. The speed of an app is unmatched.

What Responsive really means in 2019…

While websites are aimed at attracting new or occasional clients mobile Apps are designed for regular clients perfect in B2B.

No matter how responsive your website is, the resolution on smart phones is simply not as good as a specifically designed App and so compromises usability. Reports have found that relying completely on a responsive website has a huge impact on customer take-up.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Communication Built for B2B

97% of Push Notifications are read, compared with just 4% of email.

Push Notifications offer a lot of scope to send personalised notifications. You can benefit by adding strong calls to action to improve user engagement and increase sales.  Another element that goes hand in hand with delightful personalisation is non-intrusiveness. Push Notifications don’t interrupt user activity. In contrast, emails lay unopened for a long time and might not deliver urgent information.

SwiftCloud™ have developed the marketing leading off-the-shelf B2B Mobile Ordering App. Customisable to your brand, and plugs straight into your existing ERP system, the SwiftCloud App™ can be ready in the app store within 6 – 8 weeks!

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