Ideal Produce digitise B2B ordering through SwiftCloud

news | May 24, 2022

Ideal Produce, a fresh food supplier to the hospitality, catering and residential sectors across the Hampshire and Dorset region has chosen SwiftCloud to revolutionise their B2B ordering process.

The company, whose aim is to support local growers and producers, will now be able to ensure that these growers and producers are able to digitally place orders at ease through their fully branded B2B ordering system.

Ben Hooper of Ideal Produce said ‘We were looking for an online ordering solution that fitted with our current systems we have in place. We are at a crossroads in our business as we are fairly new.  We could either hire staff or look at other solutions. I am a strong believer in utilising technology within the business. Also, we use WhatsApp a lot for business currently which isn’t great for a work/home balance. This solution will help us regain that.’

Now that customers can place orders with minimal human intervention. We're sure the work/home balance will be restored.

Ideal Produce supply the Hampshire and Dorset region.

SwiftCloud is about making life easier for both businesses and customers alike. So we can’t wait to see Ideal Produce embark on their SwiftCloud journey.

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