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Written by Joe Tully - Marketing

September 2018

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with ERUDUS, the Food Industry’s Collaborative Solution to Sharing Product Data providing wholesalers and caterers with detailed technical data.

Wholesalers end caterer customers using the SwiftCloud app to place orders will now benefit from having additional product data at their fingertips including, allergen, nutritional information, and ingredient declarations all populated automatically within the SwiftCloud app via the Erudus API.

James Clarkson, director at Adventoris said:

“We have watched Erudus’ progress with real interest over the last two years and are thrilled to have secured this partnership.
“When we told our existing customers, their eyes lit up. One of the biggest problems for wholesalers and foodservice businesses is the level of work and time required for setting up and maintaining a library of images and data such as allergen information.
“With this integration, our users will be able to retrieve all this at the flick of a switch.”

Erudus chief operating officer Jon Shayler said:

“This is another significant step forward in making a single source of truth reach further across the food industry.”
“Dozens of wholesalers and their caterer customers are already using SwiftCloud, and now they will have the advantage of accessing essential product information from the Erudus Data Pool which has been integrated into the SwiftCloud app.”

“All of the team at Erudus are looking forward to seeing the benefits our mutual customers will unlock over the coming months, and we’d like to thank the development team at SwiftCloud for their efforts in making this happen so quickly.”



Philip Dennis Foodservice first to unlock benefits

Philip Dennis Foodservice has been trialling the Erudus/SwiftCloud integration for the past two months and is now officially the first wholesaler to take advantage of the partnership.

Through their SwiftCloud mobile app there able to display Allergen, Nutritional information and a host of other product attributes to their customers before and at the point of sale.

Peter Dennis, director at Philip Dennis Foodservice, said:

“At Phillip Dennis we are keen to be at the forefront of customer satisfaction. Making our ordering systems as seamless as possible is all part of our ethos regarding our quality customer experiences when placing orders online”
“The SwiftCloud app helps us to ensure we are there for our customers as and when they need us and allowing our product allergen and nutrition information to be readily available at lightning speed is the icing on the cake.
“Erudus and SwiftCloud are certainly a winning combination for any foodservice company looking to give their customers a simple yet effective ordering experience.”


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