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Written by Joe Tully - Marketing

April 2019

SwiftCloud partner with PureNet Solutions

Adventoris, the technology company behind the SwiftCloud app are proud to partner with PureNet Solutions. PureNet have been delivering enterprise ecommerce solutions to B2B businesses for 13 years, and now are pleased to offer their web services with the option of a full integration with the SwiftCloud app.

The partnership will allow B2B businesses using PureNet software platforms to benefit from a custom app powered by SwiftCloud.

PureNet CEO, Dr Paul Gibson had this to say:

“With a number of clients in common already, PureNet is delighted to be formally partnering with SwiftCloud. We look forward to bringing the combined benefits of the SwiftCloud app and our own ecommerce integration expertise to new and existing clients moving forward.”

James Clarkson, CEO of Adventoris said:

“We are thrilled to formally partner with PureNet solutions, the web services provided by PureNet along with the complexed mobile app capabilities of SwiftCloud are sure to be a winning combination for B2B businesses looking to develop and grow their e-commerce offering in 2019”.

Are you interested in forming a partnership with SwiftCloud? Visit our Partners Page to find out more, or, if you are a PureNet customer get in touch to find out how you can take advantage of the SwiftCloud platform.  


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